Star Shuttle School Bus Conduct Policy

 We are very excited to offer the school bus service for the students of your School.  As always, safety is our primary concern.  Students misbehaving on a school bus distract the driver from keeping his/her eyes on the road and watching out for the safety of others on and off the bus. That is why setting and enforcing rules of conduct on and around the bus is a top priority and why there is little or no tolerance for bad behavior. Please review the following rules and consequences below to ensure everyone is respectful, responsible, and safe on the bus at all times.

 Be on time and waiting for bus.

  • Upon entering the bus, take a seat immediately and fasten your seatbelt.
  • Remain seated with your seatbelt securely fastened while the bus is moving.
  • Do not switch seats while travelling.
  • Students must follow the directions of the driver and/or bus monitor at all times.
  • Keep aisles clear of books, bags and other belongings.
  • Eating and/or drinking on the bus is not permitted.
  • Students should talk quietly using an ‘inside’ voice.
  • No talking on cellphones.
  • No behavior that is distracting to the driver.
  • No playing of music or other audio on cellphones or other devices except with the use of headphones wherein the audio cannot be heard by other passengers.
  • Students must be courteous to fellow passengers and respect the bus property.

 In addition to the Star Shuttle School Conduct Policy, the School’s code of conduct extends to all students while riding, entering or exiting a school bus. In the case of inappropriate behavior on the bus:

  • A report will be given by the bus driver and/or monitor to the Dean of Students or Principal.
  • A penalty may be imposed on the student at the discretion of the School and may include temporary suspension or loss of bus service.
  • A letter informing the parents/guardian of the incident and penalty, if any, will be provided by the School.
  • Consistent and poor behavior on the school bus will result in:
  • First violation a verbal reprimand and letter home to parents.
  • Second violation suspension from riding bus for up to three (3) days. A parent meeting will be scheduled.
  • Third violation suspension from riding bus for up to two weeks
  • Fourth violation suspension from riding school bus for remainder of school year