Summer School Session II starts Monday, June 15th.

To register please fill out this form:

After registering please follow the steps:

Summer School Site:


Step 1: Students will go to use the Summer School Google Classrooms page below to locate the course they are taking.

Step 2: Use the link to join the google Classroom.

Step 3: Students will check each Classroom for invitations to daily zoom meeting, assignments and instructions.

Step 4: Students will complete the assignment for each course.

Step 5: Students will attend daily zoom meeting using the link on the Google Classroom.

Step 6: Students can attend the tutoring time for each class if they need assistance. A zoom link will be in the Google Classroom for the meeting. This is where you get your questions answered and show your progress for the week. Your instructor may ask you to attend if he/she feels you need the extra coaching.

Step 7: Students will follow instructions via Google Classroom for each class and turn in work virtually. All work will be turned in electronically via the Google Classroom.